Nathan Heeney


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The Best Pointless Holiday

I'm an avid wing eater, to say the least, and on this national holiday, we must raise a wing in honor of those who gave their lives. To start off the festivities here are a couple videos to get you amped before heading out to your favorite wing joint. 

First off, we got Hot Ones, if you haven't heard of this YouTube channel you've been missing out. This isn't your typical talk show where the host asks easy questions to celebrities to promote their projects, they have to earn it. The catch is while being interviewed they must eat 10 wings going from Tabasco to stomach churning Mega Death Sauce. And if they make it to the end they get 30 seconds to promote what ever they are working on. The only person to fail so far has been DJ Khaled. 

Babish is back with another video right in time for National Chicken Wing Day. If you've been keeping up with Donald Glover's show Atlanta you should remember the scene when they open the holy grail of wings, lemon pepper wet. 

Wish you could travel but can only afford a Netflix subscription? Same. At least we can binge watch the newest season of Parts Unkown with Anthony Bourdain and feel as if we traveled across the globe.